attributeerror: module ‘tensorflow.python.framework.ops’ has no attribute ‘_tensorlike’

This error was now fixed on Keras 2.4.3 :

attributeerror: module 'tensorflow.python.framework.ops' has no attribute '_tensorlike' 

However, if you are still on an older version of Keras, then try updating your Keras to 2.4.3 or a newer version or have a look at the following possible workarounds. Depending on the version of Tensorflow/Keras you are using, these solutions may help or not.

Possible solution #1

Use tensorflow.keras instead of keras when importing libraries

Possible solution #2

Redefine function is_tensor in file keras/backend/ as follows:

from tensorflow.python.framework import tensor_util
def is_tensor(x):                                                                                                                                                      
    return tensor_util.is_tensor(x)
    #return isinstance(x, tf_ops._TensorLike) or tf_ops.is_dense_tensor_like(x)

This solution may work for various 2.x versions of Tensorflow

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